Full Access

Our full access session gives access to all four rooms for 20 minutes in each room on a rotation basis to enjoy an immersive experience of all the senses.

Start in the Light Room with a cup of tea or coffee to begin your sensory experience and make a splash in the ballpool before moving into the Activity Room where you can suspend in the swing and enjoy some pet therapy with our guinea pigs and/or giant continental rabbit out on the veranda.

Move into the Ultra-Violet room for the most unique interactive room in the centre with our laser light projector before finishing up in the relaxing Water Room on our vibro-acoustic waterbed.

Sole use in each room with thorough clean downs between each use. 

Includes complimentary teas and coffees for all in the group.


For a limited time only, currently just…



 Up to 6 people including children

Additional option to add a 7th person(of any age) for an additional £10

Book Now!

You can book via our booking system below, via telephone or email


01423 313510


  • The total number of people in your booking includes children of all ages from birth. Turning up to your session with more than this will result in being turned away.
  • Do not arrive more than 5 minutes before the start of your session as your room will not be ready.
  • Availability of guinea pigs and the giant bunny is subject to weather conditions and availability.
  • When booking, the system will show a 30 minute slot. This is a full 1 hour and 20 minute session. You must arrive at the start of your session time to ensure you can enjoy the full time in all four rooms.
  • The session will come up as a booking for 1 person but it for 1 group of up to 6 including children/babies.