About us

Here at ZEN, we want our customers to feel at home. Having worked in the care industry in the past, we understand the importance of having somewhere to go to relax, enjoy and be yourself in a welcoming environment.

All of our staff hold an enhanced DBS for adults and children and have extensive training in first aid, mental health and learning disability to name a few.


Our entire centre is all on one level and disability accessible with mobile hoists for use throughout the centre and for the vibro-acoustic water bed. 

Here at ZEN, we do have various sizes of slings available. However, we advise to bring your own to ensure correct sizing.


Our toilet facilities are equipped with pull down railings, grab bars, a changing bed that is available with tracking hoist as well as fully stocked sanitary products for all changing needs. 

Our baby changing area is always fully stocked with necessities which are free to use. 

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The Little Things...

Here at ZEN, we understand the importance of the extra touches to make your time with us that little bit more enjoyable. That’s why we always offer:

  • Adapted cups 
  • Thickener for your drinks
  • Extensive personal care products including pads, nappies, wipes, and other sanitary products
  • Complimentary cakes and refreshments at special events
  • Complimentary tea, coffee and juices.
  • Meal time aprons

Meet The Team

Steph Francique

Company Director

Beckie Fajfer

Company Director