Water Room

Immerse yourselves in our most relaxing room yet. A nice open accessible space popular with all ages. 

This room has our most relaxing piece of equipment yet – the vibro-acoustic waterbed! Heated and covered with blankets and cushions, you are sure to unwind when on this. When connected up to our sound system, the music will play though the bed, making you feel the acoustics, providing a subtle massage, whilst offering pressure relief. This is great for those who have low hearing but still want to enjoy music. And also for those with low muscle tone, over-stimulation and even dementia. This combined with the relaxing water ripple projector and the low hum of the bubble equipment is a great way to deescalate and provide gentle tactile and auditory stimulation.

Our bubble tube, bubble wall and bubble dome are all a great way for visual stimulation and relaxation with the gentle colour change and the constant movement of the bubbles. The different presentations of the bubbles means that there is something for everyone. You can wrap yourself around the tube on the comfy plinth, sit in front of the wall or stand over the dome and feel the vibrations engaging visual and auditory stimulation, as well as exploring touch. 

Finally, our interactive floor panel is great for all abilities. On a cycle of between 30 and 60 seconds, the projector will flip between different settings, encouraging interaction with hands, feet and even crawling over, This piece of equipment enhances motor skills and provides visual and auditory stimulation. The cycle changes from water scenes where interaction causes ripples in the water, ability to pop balloons and even educational scenes of farm yard animals or the planets, encouraging cognitive development.