Ultra Violet Room

Prepare to be wowed in our most unique, exciting room yet! The entire room is Ultra-violet reactive and is a hit with the younger ones and those who enjoy visual stimulation. 

This room holds our innovative laser light projector, capturing the sight of anyone in this room. Projecting a bright colourful light in different shapes across the entire space of one wall, this piece is a definite for visual stimulation. It is also been shown to be very effective for those who have poor vision or for someone who can only see lights, enabling them to enjoy visual stimulation. This can also be turned off for people who would find this over stimulating.

This room also holds many tactile, interactive panels including our bespoke designed and made sensory board. With mirrors, rods, carpet amongst others, when used to explore with our UV torch, captures attention through touch and sight. As well as this, we also have a life size shadow board, when used with a UV torch, patterns, shapes and shadows can be made, encouraging creativity and cognitive development.

Our UV reactive pattern board is made up of rods that glow under UV light, providing visual stimulation, as well as fibre optic strands that can be weaved in and out of the rods, enabling people to create their own patterns, improving fine motor skills and creativity. 

Our UV reactive fibre optic wall panel enables those in wheelchairs to also experience the tactile and visual sensation of running their fingers through the strands or draping over lap in a safe way which can have a great calming effect.

All of the above, along with all the pockets with bits to wear, listen to, watch light up as well as our tactile carpets and UV chalk board makes this our most interactive room in the centre.