Light Room

Our brightest, colourful room in an accessible open space also said to be most calming and de-escalating due to the subtle effects of the wall panels as well as the mood lighting in this room that can either be rotating through colours or be chosen to be a particular colour. 

Home to our large LED ball pool full of white and clear balls and with a slow rotation of colours around the pool. Accessible with a removable step, the ball pool is great for tactile and visual stimulation. The feel of the balls around the body feels like a gentle massage with the combination of colour stimulates the senses.

Whilst in the ball pool, look out towards the opposite wall with our rotating wheel projector. Slowly rotating through different scenes, it definitely captures attention. With different wheels to choose from including under the sea, lava lamp, tropical birds and more, we are sure you will find one that suits you.

Our colour tube is a hit with most, grabbing the attention due to the eye capturing visual stimulation, whilst gradually changing colour, engages all whilst maintaining the calming effect. Sit or wrap around the tube on the soft play plinth or look through the mirrors at the items in the room. 

Our beanie fibre optic island is a great piece of interactive equipment, if sat on the soft island, the strands can be draped over you, ensuring tactile and visual stimulation as well as listening to the gentle sound of the stands moving together. For those in a wheelchair, we also have the fibre optic wall which means that the strands can be draped over the lap to get the same effect. 

In addition to the above, this room holds three extra wall panels including a colour changing infinity panel, spiral light panel and an interactive light panel that changes colour with the exploration of tone, volume and sound, they all encourage creativity, as well as visual and auditory stimulation.