Activity Room

Our biggest open space in the building offering a relaxing space to enjoy. Looking out onto the stunning Yorkshire dales through floor to ceiling glass doors. 

This rooms holds our cacoon nest swing which is great for vestibular stimulation, holding up to 250kg, our swing can have up to two people in at one time to encourage and comfort those using the swing if needed. The gentle rocking motion of the swing helps calm over-stimulation and improve balance as well as the relaxation provided with the addition of textured cushions and blankets.

Our interactive panels including our cog board are great for cognitive development as well as visual, auditory and tactile stimulation. It is a great puzzle that can be completed by all abilities and is a great way to improve motor skills.

This room is home to drawers filled with a wide variety of tactile, sensory objects known to stimulate all of the senses including mirror pebbles, dinosaur smells, puzzles, light up tactile balls, mini musical instrumental objects and more. 

With the addition of the soft play baby corner with the baby ball pool, tummy time spinner and baby chairs, along with the musical tiles set to improve memory and auditory stimulation, this room is sure to keep your loved ones enticed and entertained. 

Step out of the floor to ceiling doors to our sensory veranda, with deluxe astroturf so no need for shoes. Combining puzzle wall panels, tactile foliage fairy wall and communication benches. This combined with the soothing aromas, twinkling sun catchers and the fantastic views, this new area is the perfect place to relax whilst still stimulating the senses.